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The importance and types of services of accounting offices and companies:

The UAE Federal Companies Law No. (2) of 2015 obligates all commercial companies to maintain accounting records. Where Article (26) of the law states: “Every commercial company must keep accounting records, with the purpose of clarifying its transactions so that it accurately reveals the financial position of the company at any time and enables the shareholders or partners to ensure that the company’s accounts are kept in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Law.” commercial.”

Companies must keep their accounting records in their main office for a period of no less than 5 years from the date of the end of the fiscal year. The company may keep an electronic copy of the original documents deposited and kept with it in accordance with the law.

Accounting organization in companies helps departments, partners or shareholders to understand, follow up, manage business and make decisions easily and accurately, which helps in the success and continuity of business, and this is one of the most important reasons for the need to provide accounting services by a certified financial accountant who can carry out the accounting and bookkeeping process correctly and easily, and from Then companies must seek the help of specialized and experienced accounting firms to meet their needs

With us, you find solutions to your company's administrative problems:-

-Administrative services and marketing solutions.

-Improving the level of selling. Studying and analyzing sales to provide investment solutions to expand business.

-Assistance in collecting debts and securing sales through safe payment methods.

-Evaluation of administrative performance to improve corporate management performance .

That is why we have chosen for you the Odoo program from the best programs in the market, which has features through which you can follow your company and your reports at any time and anywhere, for example:

🟪 CRM (Customer Relationship Management  System

                                       نظام (إدارة علاقات العملاء) 🟪

🟪 Sales System                                                         

                                                                   نظام المبيعات 🟪

🟪 POS (Point of Sale System)                                  

                                                        نظام نقاط البيع 🟪

🟪 Purchase System                                                   

                                                                         نظام الشراء 🟪

🟪 Inventory System                                                 

                                                  نظام المخازن والجرد 🟪

🟪 Accounting & TAX System                                  

                                           نظام المحاسبة والضرائب 🟪

🟪 Manufacturing System                                        

                                                           نظام التصنيع 🟪

🟪 Payroll System                                                      

                                                            نظام الرواتب 🟪

🟪 Project Management System                              

                                                   نظام إدارة المشروع 🟪

🟪 E-invoice System                                                  

                                                    نظام الفاتورة الإلكترونية 🟪

And since Al-Maha Office for Management Consulting and Accounting Services is a partner of the odoo program, we will be a helping hand for you to obtain the ERP odoo System to better manage your company.




Accounting and bookkeeping services:-

The office provides accounting services in the best modern ways. It also provides bookkeeping, tax and financial accounting services, in addition to internal auditing services and other financial and accounting services.

Accounting is defined as the science that studies the measurement and interpretation of financial activities through the classification, clearance and recording of financial operations, as well as the presentation and disclosure of financial information, through financial statements for specific periods of time. Accounting is also known as the language of business because it is related to commercial activities.​

While bookkeeping is defined as the detailed daily recording of all financial transactions of the company, including income, sales and purchases. This is in terms of the payer and receiver. Bookkeeping is one of the main elements of accounting, as the basis for financial reports prepared by accountants is the recording of financial statements in the books. Bookkeeping is normally carried out by an experienced and certified accountant.

Bookkeeping services

  • Reconciliation of accounting books

All successful companies have regular records of their financial transactions regarding the financial and administrative aspect; Hence, the role of our office is where we can help you to settle your accounting books, and arrange them in an orderly manner so that you can see your company correctly, and make sure that you are on the right path, and we are fully prepared to assist you in solving any problems and book settlements that your financial records face.

  • Monthly, quarterly and annual review:

In order for you to be aware of the position of your business in financial terms, and to ensure the accuracy of your financial reports and your financial position, we can conduct internal audits in line with international standards on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis for your organization, as we will certainly help you gain more confidence in managing your business.

  • Financial books

Given the companies' need for reliable data on the financial situation to analyze the company's performance and make future expectations, it is necessary to have a balance sheet, income statements, and cash flows that enjoy internationally recognized accounting principles, and here comes the role of accounting firms to meet this necessity.

  • We can also provide:-
  • Journal preparation
  • Collection accounts
  • Post the released materials
  • Revenue/sales posting
  • Reconciliation of credit and debit accounts
  • Project accounting
  • Posting payments
  • balance sheet
  • Administration and general expenses
  • petty cash account
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Post material received account
  • Post journal entries
  • Accounts payable reports
  • Payroll accounting
  • Post the amounts received
  • Trial balance reports
  • Fixed assets, depreciation
  • Posting purchase invoices
  • Profit and loss account

Pricing plans by package:

The monthly fees will be based on the number of transactions:

  • Trial balance - monthly
  • Ledgers - bank reconciliations - monthly
  • Accounting reports - quarterly
  • Balance Sheet + Profit and Loss
  • Cash Flow Statement - Quarterly
  • Tax Filing / VAT - Quarterly
  • Calculation of taxes / VAT - quarterly
  • Tax/VAT advisory - quarterly
  • Internal billing review

Arithmetic tasks by package:-

  • Daily restrictions
  • Registering sales/revenue and tax invoices
  • Payments registrations
  • Petty cash advance accounting
  • Registration of purchases, supplies and tax
  • Salaries and wages
  • Customer accounts
  • Credit and debit accounting adjustments
  • Record daily entries
  • Receipt recording
  • Recording public expenses
  • Carrying out bank reconciliations
  • Supplier accounts and subcontractors
  • Accounting reports
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit and loss statement
  • budget
  • cash flow
  • tax returns
  • Tax calculation
  • Tax advice

VAT accounting services by package:

  • Ensure the analysis of incoming and outgoing taxable supplies
  • Tax settlements, including the reverse settlement mechanism
  • Consideration and separation of goods and services subject to the zero rate
  • Taking into account and separating goods and services that are exempt from tax
  • Ensure the analysis of incoming and outgoing supplies subject to the value-added tax system
  • Observance and separation of importer and exporter of goods and services

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